We run out your wheels down to a thousandth of an inch variance. We correct any bends, dents or roundness issues you might have to return your wheel to better than factory tolerances.

Allows us to repair most cracks in the wheel. We can also add material to rebuild sections of your rim lost due to curb damage or accident.

A complete refinish, paint and clear coat using factory quality paints.

Curb Repairing
Small area repair used in combination with touch-up paint and/or polishing.

Powder Coating
An alternative to painting. A baked on color finish is applied to the wheel. An excellent choice for the customer wishing to completely change the color of their wheels

Chrome Repair
This is where we repair the damage caused by corrosion that occurs on the bead area of chrome plated alloy wheels. This will reseal the wheel and prevent any further bead area or seal leaks

Dynamic Balancing
Corrects any imbalance in the tire and wheel assembly. We balance the assembly in 1/4 oz increments. This is our standard mounting and balancing charge.

Road Force Balancing
A tighter spec assembly balance. We match mount your tires and wheels for  optimal ride, comfort and performance. We balance your wheels down to single gram increments using a special lead-free, wheel-conforming weight.

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