PNWN - Vendor Button 14Hi Everyone,

Zak and David here from Seattle Wheel Service.  We just wanted to let you know that due to circumstances beyond our control we will be moving our location to Kent at the end of September.  We also wanted to thank all of the Ballard-Fremont area for having us there for so long, and all of the great memories from being in such a unique and eclectic place.  We would love to stay in the same area, but it seems it wasn’t meant to be.

Our new location is going to be roughly three times bigger than where we currently are, and has a large gated parking lot.  We also have three bay doors into our shop, so no more working out in the rain and snow; as well as a nice waiting area so that our customers can actually hang out while work is being done.  Our Kent location will also be a nice change up for anyone that has ever had a hard time finding us, as we are just off the freeway right next to Kent Station.  So if a repair is going to take a few hours, you can grab some good food or even check out a movie.

Along with all the new space that we have, we will be providing some new services not long after the move.  Seattle Wheel Service will retain its name, phone number, and great service that we are known for.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for some offers that we will be coming up with after the move, as well as to keep up on the new services we will be providing.  If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 206-905-4850.

Thanks for everything Seattle!

Zak and David


Seattle Wheel Service repairs wheels and rims that are bent, broken and otherwise compromised. If your wheels need to be welded, painted, powder-coated or straightened, that’s what we do.

We also match tires to your wheels for the best possible performance with the least possible weight, improving the overall feel of you vehicle. Professional race car drivers nationwide rely on the exact same equipment to mount and balance their wheels and tires that we have right here in our shop.

The difference with us is in our attitude. Seattle Wheel Service technicians are factory trained and our machines are the latest and best available. We use the HunterTC 3500 to mount and the Hunter GSP 9700 to balance and road match your wheels and rims.

Our techs are committed to give you their best to balance the art and science of wheel repair. The use of specialized equipment in combination with localized heat reduces stress on the wheel while we return them to tolerances in some cases tighter than those of the factory.

So the next time you have an issue with your wheels, come by or give us a call and we’ll get you on the road looking sharp and feeling solid.